• The idea of VeriHelp is born
  • VeriHelp, Inc. is formally incorporated as a Delaware corporation
  • Head office set up in Seattle, WA.
  • VeriHelp applies for patents in the U.S.
  • A small office is set up in Cooke Town, Bangalore, India
  • Version 1 of VeriHelp Android app for homes is launched
  • VeriHelp, Inc. incorporates its India-subsidiary, VeriHelp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Moved to a larger office in Cooke Town,¬†Bangalore
  • Safer Streets Android app is launched
  • Version 2 of VeriHelp Android app for homes is launched
  • CEO Bushan Kolleri chairs roundtable at India Retail Forum 2017
  • VeriHelp Secured Schools program is launched
  • Vetail.AI is launched
  • Patent for “Identity Verification via Validated Face Recognition and Graph Database” is issued