The idea of VeriHelp was conceived in 2009, when two friends in the San Francisco Bay Area discussed ways of solving the backlog problem of the Indian judicial system. 
By the time VeriHelp, Inc. was formally incorporated on January 1, 2016 as a Delaware corporation with its office in Seattle, WA, the idea had evolved into a far more ambitious goal, with the foundational technology in place. Pursuing this goal required a combination of people, technology, and resources.
Over the next few years, VeriHelp assembled a high-impact team of diverse people from around the world. A subsidiary was incorporated in India in 2017, with offices in Bangalore, India.
Today, VeriHelp has a growing portfolio of software and hardware products powered by our core technology. Protected by multiple issued and pending patents, our cutting-edge products serve varied domains like education, retail, and finance.



VeriHelp is founded on the premise that eliminating information asymmetry will alleviate most of the world’s severe problems. Financial institutions serve under 20% of the market. Manufacturers miss the small improvements that could make customers love the product. Employers make hiring decisions based only on a snapshot of the candidate’s history. Brick-and-mortar retailers convert only a fraction of the footfall into sales. Customers wait until the holiday sales to find the right discounts.

Everyone is better off when they know more.