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The VeriHelp For Homes app combines revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology with fiduciary transparency to create financial benefits for low-income workers in India, while ensuring their accountability to their employers.


The For Homes app helps you to:

  • Track Domestic Help's Performance

    Manage your Domestic Help

  • Hire Recommended Domestic Help

    Hire Recommended Domestic Help

  • Reward good Performance

    Reward good Performance

The For Homes app is meant for all domestic help employers who are looking to efficiently and fairly manage their domestic help, while also helping them to gain access to financial benefits (such as loans and health insurance) that would typically be beyond their reach.

Managing domestic workers through the app encourages their professionalism and loyalty as their access to financial benefits is tied to the employer’s satisfaction and approval ratings. Once the worker leaves their employment, these benefits will be partially reduced or removed entirely until they commence new employment and receive ratings from the new employer.

How does it Work?
Performance Rating
Manage your Domestic Help

You can efficiently manage all aspects of employing domestic help with the For Homes app. Keep track of your domestic help’s daily attendance – know which days they’ve come in, which days you’ve given them off, and when they’ve taken leave. Also rank your domestic help’s performance on various metrics. You can also pay their salaries online through the app, directly into their bank account.

Hire Recommended Domestic Help

When looking for new domestic help, you can simply create a listing in the For Homes app and choose from workers who are looking for additional jobs in your area. Their profiles will include their ratings by other current employers, enabling you to choose from a list of workers who come highly recommended and verified.

Provide Financial Incentives

Financial instruments are not easily available to domestic staff. Opening a savings bank account (with debit card) for your worker through the app is a simple process, with the added benefit that all salaries can then be paid online. When three months’ salaries are paid online, they become eligible for health insurance, for themselves and their immediate family members. Worker ratings also influence their eligibility for low-interest, all-purpose loans.

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