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Today, the biggest threat facing any school is a possible lapse in security that could threaten the safety of its students.

VeriHelp Secured Schools is a subscription-based predictive school security system that allows schools to prevent avoidable incidents before they occur.


VeriHelp Secured Schools helps schools to:

  • Detect Unauthorized Presence

  • Identify high-risk Behaviors

  • Recognize Medical Emergencies


The VeriHelp Secured Schools (VSS) program is an Artificial Intelligence-powered predictive security system designed especially for schools in India. This proprietary technology consists of sensors that detect high-risk situations on campus and send out instant alerts to designated school authorities, enabling them to prevent unfortunate incidents before the occur. Today, there is no school security service comparable to the VSS program.

This technology comes with three components:

  • Visitor Registration Kiosk – Installed at the school’s entrance, every visitor to the campus uses this self-service kiosk to enroll themselves (name and photograph) and specify the purpose of their visit.
  • Sensors – Deployed in strategic locations across the campus, these A.I.-powered sensors detect high-risk conditions and raise real-time alerts.
  • Web-based Control Panel – The user-friendly control panel allows school management to add / remove students, create / modify permission zones within the campus, manage alerts, and get insights and analysis into school functionality.
How does it Work?

Detect Unauthorized Presence

Using the control panel, school authorities can create custom zones and assign rule-specific clearance for teachers, staff, and students to enter the specific zones. Immediate alerts are raised when the sensors detect an intruder upon the campus, or a teacher / staff member or student enters an unauthorized zone.

Identify high-risk Behaviors

The VSS sensors can detect abnormal behavior patterns that could indicate a potential incident. Such behavior includes the unusual presence of an adult-child pair in a secluded location to physical actions that may precede a violent act and even an unsteady gait that could indicate a state of inebriation.

Recognize Medical Emergencies

The A.I.-powered sensors can differentiate between normal and unusual physical behaviors that could indicate a potential medical emergency and raise an immediate alert, saving precious minutes that could make all the difference in saving a life.

Key Benefits

Safeguard your School

It only takes a moment for tragedy to strike and reputations to crumble. In subscribing to alerts from this preventive security system, school authorities are empowered to respond quickly and prevent incidents before they occur, thus safeguarding the students and the school’s reputation.

Enhance your Brand Value

Today, there is no school security system comparable to the VeriHelp Secured Schools program. Pioneering the use of this state-of-the-art technology enhances the school’s brand value as well as its credibility within the education industry.

Increased Revenue

Safety being among the top criteria when parents determine which school to send their child to, schools with a proven track record in child safety will see an upswing in admissions with matching increases in revenues.


VeriHelp considers the privacy of all individuals touched by our technology of paramount importance. This is why our patent-pending technology performs a unique, irreversible data transformation that makes it impossible to reconstruct the subject’s personally identifiable information (PII). No student’s PII is stored except in the event of an incident.

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